Encouraging Strength

At first, I thought, “This is ridiculous!” The thought of everyone clearing the shelves of everyday items, like, toilet tissue, cleaning supplies, hand soap and sanitizer. Especially when life throws a lot of curve balls at you all at once, and you must decide which one you really have to hit out of the park first. For instance, the female who is always chasing after what is yours, spitting her venom to bring you down to only make herself look better. Or, perhaps the zombie neighbor who always seems to have her nose pressed against your windows? Let’s not forget the “loyal” friend who told you she would always be there for you. How can she be loyal to you, when she abandons her own child and spreads lies to acquire the sympathy of those around her? Instead of being mad at her, I am sad for her and I hope that she finds herself in the future.

As I laid there, barely able to catch my breath, running high fevers, from a virus that has so many unknowns, I realized although woman can be devious, sneaky and scandalous, woman are still the most strongest powerful beings, when they stand there ground. I think we should embrace young woman, to encourage them, help them to keep their strength when the men of the world want to take them for granted, that their worth is much more then they know. With willpower, determination and the views of other strong women, a woman who wants a better life, can do anything she sets her mind to and there is nothing that can stop her. Words are just words; they do not define you. Women are powerful, strong and can be very independent. With this being said readers, Thanks again.



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